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Schick Hydro logo v1

Schick Hydro 5 

Slow motion videos for product launch


Slow motion video activation for Schick Hydro’s 2018 “Pressure Tour” during which consumers were invited to dress up in hockey gear and perform a body check on a board/glass while:
1) the camera rolls and 2) a sensor measures the impact of the body check.  

Turnkey video system including video & audio capture, video marker, automatic video editing functionality (branding & slow motion effects), custom data capture and live transmission of edited videos to consumers by email and text including social sharing options.

Slow motion video

Social media sharing

Engage participants

Increase brand popularity

Step-by-step scenario – Slow motion body check

1. Consumer suits up in hockey gear

2. Consumer provides info (language, name, email, phone number, newsletter opt-in…)

3. Consumer signs release form directly on touchscreen

4. Brand ambassador starts the video recording

5. Consumer is filmed while giving its best body check on the glass

6. An integrated system measures the max pressure sustained by the glass during the check

7. The video is automatically transformed and edited, including slow motion effect and branding (branded intro/outro, audio, Schick logo/watermark…)

8. Once the video is shot, the BA uses the preview screen on the touchscreen tablet to determine and mark the starting point for the slow motion “replay” and to stretch that 3-5 seconds of footage to about 15 seconds of slow-motion action

9. The Schick-branded slow-motion video is automatically sent to consumers by email and text that leads to a Schick-branded microsite from which consumers can view and share their video to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram