Make Up For Ever
120° camera for product launch


For its national new products launch tour, Make Up For Ever wanted to create a happening at its influencer events. The brand’s objectives were to engage influencers, create exclusive user-generated content and increase awareness and reach by maximizing digital impressions through social media.  

To do so, we set up the high-resolution multi-camera array for influencers to play with. They made their move to get their high-quality 120 degree videos. Influencers were immersed in a relevant and innovative experience.

With our turnkey solutions, influencers instantly received their brand shots by text and email. They immediately posted their Make Up For Ever branded videos to share with their followers generating hundreds of thousands of brand impressions!

Engage with our 120° camera!

Exclusive 120° content

Unique video

Social media sharing

Engage influencers

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Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever


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